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Electric Future

Frustrated by the never ending maintenance and tinkering of gasoline dirt bikes, the founders of Wired Off-Road saw an opportunity to revolutionize the off-roading experience by making electric dirt bikes significantly more affordable.  Why not take a used dirt bike, pull out all the gas components and put in electric components?  And better yet, let’s make it so simple and streamlined that anyone with a Craftsman tool kit can do it!

The conversion that we began developing in a Northern Michigan garage in 2019 is now a custom engineered kit designed specifically for riders who are done with the days of spending more time wrenching than riding.  Increase performance, eliminate engine maintenance and ride in near silence.  Every perk of going electric without the hefty price tag.  Since our success with the first conversion of a Kawasaki KX85, the rest of the dirt bike world is eagerly awaiting development of more kits.

The Wired Off-Road team consists of engineers and business professionals working to rapidly develop conversion kits for all the major dirt bike models.  Patent pending battery construction paired with our enthusiasm for the electric sport are allowing us to push the boundaries of what others thought was possible in the world of electrification.

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