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Estimated preorder delivery date is February 28th, 2023

Preordering is easy and secures your kit is ready for spring riding!  Select your desired options here as if you’re buying the kit, but no matter what your preorder deposit total will be $250.  Complete the purchase- you’ll get a confirmation email with these instructions.  Deposits are non-refundable.

A few weeks before we’re ready to ship we’ll send an email containing a single use $250 coupon code.  Once again select your options- no problem if you select something different from when you submitted this preorder.  Enter your coupon code on checkout and pay the remaining balance of the kit.  It will be on it’s way shortly!

We will be sending periodic updates via email to everyone that preorders.  Follow us on instagram @wiredoffroad in the meantime!

Battery Details:


25Ah, 72V
Est. 25 miles of trail riding
Anodized Aluminum Housing
Water resistant


42Ah, 72V
Est. 40 miles of trail riding
Anodized Aluminum Housing
Water Resistant


Made (by us) in the USA!

Custom designed for maximum range and performance.  Other companies use plastic battery housings and low cycle life Li-Po batteries, but our custom aluminum housings paired with top of the line, high cycle life Li-Ion batteries keep the cells safe, cool, and at peak performance for years to come. Own multiple battery packs? The process of changing batteries is easy. You can quick-swap batteries on the fly – no tools required!

Charger Details:


Standard (6A) charge times:
25Ah battery:  3.5 hr to 80%
44Ah battery: 5.5 hr to 80%


Quick Charge (12A) charge times:
25Ah battery:  1.75 hr to 80%
44Ah battery: 2.25 hr to 80%


powerDUMP (30A) charge times:
25Ah battery:  0.75 hr to 80%
44Ah battery: 1 hr to 80%


Charge ports are located on the battery housings and are a standard XT90 connection.  The Wired Off-Road standard charger and quick charger run on 120V outlets while powerDUMP charger requires 220V.  We offer a variety of 220V plug styles to suit your needs.

Fitment Year


Fitment Brand


Fitment Model

KX 85

Standard Battery

25Ah, 72V, Quick Swap (no tools), Custom made in the USA

Optional Battery

42 Ah, 72V, Quick Swap (no tools), Custom made in the USA


20HP, 88ft-lbs., Internal gear reduction, Brushless, Permanent magnet


Electric Twist

Regenerative Braking


Included Standard Features

Speedometer/Odometer, Reverse, Key Ignition, Electric Cutoff Switch, Gas tank replacement, New chain & sprockets

Top speed


Install Time

6-10 Hours

Required tools

Metric sockets & ratchet, Metric wrench set, Rubber mallet, Chain breaker (included), Variety flathead screwdrivers

What to do with removed equipment?

Sell it! You can typically get $500+ back for all the components you remove, even if your engine is blown.